Creeping Tyranny

Steven Pinker, a professor of cognitive thinking and author of the book Enlightenment Now The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress, recently spoke on TED, providing his intellectual insight as to whether the world is getting better or worse as he looks at the numbers. I was somewhat taken back, though I shouldn’t be, by […]

Here a Bigot, There a Bigot

Whenever truth intersects with error, the inevitable occurs. Truthfully, no one likes being told they are wrong. Our fleshly fallen natures, saturated in prideful rebellion against God push back against that which tramples on their home turf. Mild-mannered Mitt Romney recently tripped over the balance of his self-control, expressing through Twitter, religious and moral outrage […]

So He May Run Who Reads It

While standing on the wall, looking out into the horizon and thinking about the horror that was about to come, the Lord told Habakkuk to write it down and make it plain so he may run who reads it. And he did so. But are the people running? After writing for a few years, mostly […]